A Whole Bunch of Stuff Crammed Into One Post

Margaret made this hat for Ted. He did not like it one bit.

Playing Risk

Barley in his usual position

Dang cat in the dryer!

At the Sheldon Theater to see "Nutcracker"

Barley John and Millie

At the beach a few days after Lake Pepin froze over.

Agate/fossil hunting

Margaret found another arrowhead!!!!

Mary Emma found some agates and petrified wood.

48 in December!

Yummy, amazing, kasseri cheese....stunk up the house a bit, but loved by all!

A tragedy in my town! A young man shot a peace officer resulting in a all day stand off. This was only blocks from our house. Schools and businesses went into lock down for over 8 hours. Even though we did little school, I was glad to have my kids with me all day.....This photo was taken down the street from my house.

Lots of news crews around.
The main drag in town.

Helicopters around all day.

Home school group at the library. Some kids admiring Margaret's new Nook Tablet.

Home school group at the party with games.

At the library, our second home!

Margaret make her own bobeche for the candlelight vigil for the officer injured in the local shooting.

The vigil was attended by at least 1,000! Our town is only 5,000.....

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