Making the plates

I was leader 7, and also leader of my table.

which meant that I light the candle.

and pour the wine

Bitter herbs

Instead of lamb shank, I made lamb balls.

Margaret read also

raising our glasses


Blood Moon / Lunar Eclipse

Waiting for the moon to rise.

                                 4:00 A.M. The tail end of the eclipse.


Minnesota Marine Art Museum


              Our homeschool group took a trip to the Minnesota Marine Art Museum.
      I highly recommend a visit there if you have not been. What an outstanding little gem we have so close to us. There are five galleries filled with gorgeous art including an American gallery and impressionist gallery. The staff and volunteers were well versed and did an impressive job with our diverse group. Check out the website to see what exhibits they have as they do change. We were most impressed with the Picasso, Van Gogh, Renoir, and Monet. Loved the Hudson River School  and the Bierstadt. What a marvelous collection!

                     These students were pretty excited about the bus ride also!


Inside looking out




Stone Soup

All of the ingredients


                                                                     Table decorations

Final product.


Piano Recital


a bit of pre-recital mehndi

Both girls played original compositions along with their recital pieces and a duet. Some of their pieces can be found here.  Our youtube channel

A surprise recognition after 50 years of teaching music.

All of the students

With Gram.

Local piano instructors 

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