Sometimes my table looks like this after school.

At Hok-Si-La

Home school Science

Lake Pepin

Cute baby!


Random goodies

Our favorite summer salad...curried chicken with fruit on a bed of spinach garnished with balsamic
Overcooked this a bit, but it was really good!

kitty in a box

Panorama of the roller rink we frequent

Young Marge was the caller for the flag ceremony at GS Court of Awards.


Belle Creek Roller Rink

To celebrate the end of Sunday School, we took all of the children to Belle Creek for an afternoon. Only six kids came! They were pretty lucky to have the whole place to themselves! Not to mention all the pizza and soda they could consume! I can't believe that Mary Emeline is done with Sunday School and will begin confirmation next year.


Birthday Girl

Mary Emeline is twelve!
Here she is on day one!

Day 4,383! She is amazing! I'm so proud of the young lady she is becoming!


Kruger Management Unit

This gorgeous State Forest is only about twenty miles from my house!
We parked in the back of the campground, which was empty.

The hike to the top was MUCH longer than I had anticipated!

The view from the top was amazing! Worth every step!


Love the fire pit at the overlook!

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