Washington Vacation Fun

Chief is a famous steer in Tacoma. After getting closer to him, I can see why!

His horns are massive!

And he is so gorgeous!

Russ cooked for the fam!

Seafood Bienville ala Russman! So amazing!

Now THIS is vacation! Jacuzzi, wine, and a good book!

Yummo regional chip flavors.

reading in the truck

Johnny's Seafood! LOVE the sign!

This used bookstore is 16,000 square feet of love! It is absolutely endless. So hard to leave this place!

This made me happy!

                                                  Bug a boo boo!

Centralia, WA

Now THIS place was amazing! McMenamins in Centralia!
The McMenamins purchase old theaters, schools, and hotels and refurbish. The Olympic club was outstanding! An old theater turned restaurant with fab food and live music....pool tables, wood stove, very cool bathrooms!

Walking in

Walking in, you go right past the fairly open kitchen. I love a restaurant where you can see the kitchen. For some reason, there is a bit of comfort in that.

Being that we had just come down from the mountains, this stove was a toasty hit with the girls.
Live music in  here! How cozy!

and lots of pool tables.

The girls bathroom was probably the coolest bathroom I have ever been it! Russ said the mens room was pretty cool too, but I didn't get a photo of it.

Yes....most of them turned on. I bet folks leave here with very clean hands!
The calamari and dipping sauce were so fantastic!!!!
I loved the lamb burger with tzatziki.

Beautiful Centralia Washington

Stewart's Meats in Yelm, Wa.

This place was founded back in the depression. Much of the beef and pork purchased here are raised nearby.

Margaret was a bit grossed out by the pig ears.

They have EVERYTHING here! I'm not kidding! Kangaroo, bison, python, ostrich......

We got some was the best I have ever had....also brought home some ostrich jerky.

Ramtha's school of Enlightnement.

Very interesting story about the founder, J.Z. Knight.

The Buttered Biscuit in Sumner Washington.

The menu here is so great, that every time you turn the page you change your mind twice!

The monster cristo! So good! I've never had one with bacon before!

Russ ordered this sammy with roast beef and blue cheese....yum!



Driving into Seattle
Pike Place Market

The gum wall was closed!

But we did get a few close ups

tasting some vinegars.

Beechers! So good we ate here again.

We all ordered the same thing as last year!

The best mac and cheese!

Watching the cheese be made.
Margaret walked up and tipped him....

Video of the robot here robot at Pike Place Market

checking out hammerman's foot

Exploding car in the art museum

Rachel's hoof prints
Back on Rachel!

Pioneer Square

King Street Station
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