North Shore (3)

Superior sunrise

Rusty making breakfast

Shadows on the beach

Great roots!


Giant Rooster in Two Harbors

Two Harbors Railway Museum

Yellowstone Locomotive
Interested in knowing a bit about these locomotives? Very interesting history.  Of merely seventy-two built, only three survive today. They are MASSIVE. It's especially cool that they were built by the Baldwin Company.

Huge wheels!

Then there is this little cutie!

A wanderer by the lighthouse.
Two Harbors Minnesota has one of only 22 operational Carnegie Libraries left in the state. Out of 1,689 Carnegie Libraries built in the United States, Minnesota had 66 of them. 48 are still standing including the 22 still in use today.

So gorgeous inside!

The family enjoying some library time.

Agate hunting on Flood Bay

Wowzers! Look what Mary Emma found!

Stopped at a couple of thrift stores...of course!

Fire on our private beach!

Outside looking in.

Spectacular sunrise

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