Vali-Hi Drive In Theater


Triple feature

                                             One can't beat this price for three movies!

Waiting in line to get in. 

Only a few speakers available, and only a few still operate.

We were there early enough to be in the front row.

Bringing the dog!

Grilling dinner

View from under the screen. My van is in the center.

View from the top of the van looking back.

Almost time!

1966 was a good year

Best seats in the house!

Vino in the Valley!

Vineyard tour

Rush River

Travis Walker

Russ Baldwin

Victor Freeman

This guy with Larry is a Mn Viking hall of fame player, but I don't know his name. They guy behind him in the purple is a NHL player. 

Victor singing to the ladies

The AMAZING bread with EVOO and fresh parmesan 

These Italian nachos rock my world!

the special pizza of the evening.

Strolling though the vineyard.

The Rush River


Hiking in Frontenac State Park - In Yan Teopa Rock

Very steep and rocky! Wear good shoes!

Beautiful Pepin

Down down down

In Yan Teopa!

More down



She seemed to have no fear of us. We watched her munching for about 10 minutes.

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