Dakota 38 Memorial Mankato, MN

We joined approximately 500 other folks in Mankato for the dedication of a new memorial in Reconciliation Park in honor of the 38 plus 2 Dakota that were hanged on December 26, 1862 (150 years ago) following the Dakota conflict. 303 Dakota were sentenced to die, Lincoln pardoned 265. This remains the largest mass execution in U.S. history. It was a very moving experience.

One may watch or order the DVD, "Dakota 38" here.

My Youtube video of the memorial is here.

These riders set out from Lower Brule South Dakota on December 10th.

The names


Eagles & Other Stuff

We went to the local high school choir concert

and just made the holiday train.

The girls played piano during lunch for seniors

For the first time, we stayed for was pretty yummo!

Rollerskating with area homeschoolers.

It was nice to have some older kids there!

Drove by this on the way home.

The kids get sick of me stopping to take photos all the time.

Lots of eagles around!

This one is having a bit of lunch.

Six in a tree!

Local dance competition

We got a start on our holiday baking.

We are not finished yet.

I directed the Christmas program at my church.

The girls played a duet.

My Scout troop at a local assisted living facility making cards with residents.


The first ice on Lake Pepin brings frolicking eagles.


First Snow / Villa Maria Visit

Finally! The first significant snow in over a year! It was fun while it lasted. Sadly, this was last Sunday, and the snow is mostly gone now.  We didn't even get a chance to get the skis out.

In the park before church

The entrance to Hok-Si-La Park

luminaries at the Villa Maria

This local retreat is so amazing with a fascinating history.

Beautiful sanctuary

Nativity display

We were fortunate enough to have a tour of the facilities.

The Lakeview Room

The old gymnasium with a gorgeous wood floor and labyrinth.

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