Beautiful Lake Pepin

We have spent the last few evenings cooling off just blocks from our house at the swimming beach on  gorgeous Lake Pepin.

Amazing sunsets!     

Beach fire after sunset


Visiting the Grandparents in Illinois

On the road

                      First time at Olive Garden. Marge enjoyed the calamri.

Lots of time spent driving golf carts and boats.

Yummy El Faro

Gail Borden Library    This library always has the BEST kids reading program.

Learning about how people live around the world.

Inside the ger

                                          Dunkin Donuts!

Gram and Gramps have a kitty

                  At the hotel, watching Dad in the parking lot

The hotel had the cutest little pool!                                           A bit of bed jumping.                 

Castle Rock


Patio of Love

Transit of Venus

Russ made dinner

                       Mary Emeline giving everyone a henna.

The neighbors sent over this amazing sammie. 

Mary E's magic



Vali-Hi Drive In Movie Theater

Vali-Hi Drive in

My iMovie

Triple Feature!

On the drive up

Waiting in line. We got there over an hour before they opened the gate.

Empty, but not for long!


Inside the concession and arcade area.


Moon rise


Getting dark!

Margaret has her spot ready!

Nearly full moon.

The last movie ended at 4:00. We made it home around 5:30 just as the sun was rising.

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