Food glorious food!

Some of the food prepared and eaten around here in the last two weeks. This is just a wrap with honey mustard, turkey, cabbage, and carrot on a tomato tortilla Chocolate chip BACON cookies! Everyone loved them!

Frittata with portabella, caramelized onion, bacon, potato and manchego

lemon meringue pie


Grilled salmon with homemade beans and coleslaw

The start of French Onion

The best French Onion in the history of ever!!!



We are nearing the end of our math books. Margaret has been working on reducing and renaming fractions, and she is quite good at it! Math is easy for her, which makes it easy for me! Only five lessons left. Both girls are excited to finish up and move on.


Home School Day Minnesota History Center

The blizzard of March 23 and we have a 75 mile drive to St Paul. Highway 61

After we saw the snowplow in the ditch, things got a bit more hectic! Very slow going on unplowed roads!
and lots of cars in the ditch!
This is a 65 MPH zone!

We HAD to stop for a break and some munchies
back on the road, closer to the metro
White knuckles!
ramp for 94
ugh! 94 had an egg truck jackknife!!!
finally in St Paul
the barely visible capitol
We made it! Only 2.75 hours!!!!

mad dash

It sure is Minnesota!!!
We were very late for our class, but thankfully the next one had a lot of cancellations!
Grain Elevator
Supreme Court Justices

Learning about W.E.B. DuBois and Booker T Washington.

They loved the soda fountain

In the basement waiting for the tornado to strike!

Heading more snow!
History Center

We saw lots of cars in the ditch on the way home, but at least we could see!!!
Always stop at the Dairy Store on our way through Hastings
for malts and cheese!

Much prettier on the way home than on the way up!!!!
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