Methodist Beach, Frontenac, MN

This is a small public beach where a lot of local folks launch their boats. There is a dock, and depending on the water level, a bit of a sandy beach. Right now there is an abundance of algae. During the week, it is never very crowded. My girls love to jump off the dock.

Beautiful Lake Pepin
Tiger Swallowtails and a bit of algae

Of course we always find a few Lake Superior agates!


Sand Point Trail Frontenac State Park

One of our favorite local hikes is Sand Point Trail, part of Frontenac State Park. We hike here in usually in winter because in summer the mosquitoes are rampant. The girls hiked here with ELP last week, and they asked to go again yesterday.
Snails galore!

Water on the trail!

buckled boardwalk

shoes off

Muddy feet


Our week

Margaret's favorite pants ripped so she sewed them up herself.

Library run for the weekend

The girls had two ELP classes this week. Margaret found this Lake Superior agate during the creek adventure class yesterday.

Elp class....night hike. They hiked at Sand Point.

Spent Thursday at Hok-Si-La beach with the cousins.

The girls got another Mehndi from Judy.

Dad brought home some dry ice from work, so they cooled off, had some fun, and learned about sublimation.

Ben started behind the wheel classes for drivers ed.

Not a huge fan of tuna, but this salad is amazing! Even the kids loved it. The secret is a bit of sweet relish, parm, and curry....sounds weird, I know, but it is really good!

Our temps skyrocketed this week topped off with record breaking dew points. Condensation on the outside of the windows!

We went to this great concert...

Children from all over the world performing traditional songs from other countries. There was even a Maori song! It was very inspiring!!! These two children were from Turkey.

This girl from India

We kept the snails for a week, then brought them back home.

4.16 pounds of tuna!

We shared with everyone

Waxing moon

morning bike rides on beautiful Lake Pepin.


Stockholm, Wisconsin Art Fair

Stockholm, just across the lake from us, has an art fair every year. This is our first time going....the photo below was taken about 1/2 mile before entering the village from the north.
Instead of parking on the highway, we found a lot with a shuttle. The shuttle was a small school was the girls first school bus ride!

On the shuttle headed toward the fair looking south

In the playground near the stage

Maple cone

Look who we ran into!!! It's our young friend, Bug from here....

Listening to Patchouli

cotton candy


Over 100 artists and their amazing creations...this lady made whimsical art out of polymer clay.

Getting a henna

admiring said henna

Mary Emeline's

Maple root beer....I tried it. It was very sweet. Reminded me of a cross between root beer and cream soda.

It was a hot day, so we cooled off on the way home.

Absolutely gorgeous drive....Wisconsin side bluffs in the hazy sun.

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