School Stuff

We all love this typing program! The girls just do a few minutes a day.

The story Margaret has been working on.

The girls will be performing December 10th at the Humane Society benefit, and also during the Holiday Stroll in Red Wing while their dad is on stage sometime between 4p.m. and 6 p.m.

Sometimes we use this site for fast fact practice

7th/8th grade math with pre-algebra

We are still doing "Story of the World" We have been studying the reformation which is timely since this weekend is reformation Sunday. Here Margaret is making a hat that a catholic priest would wear.

Love home school lunch!

In church last Sunday

The Sunday school children prepared the snack for fellowship

Evening dog walk

Learning about Picasso on his birthday

Home school class at our local library. After learning some Halloween history, they carved pumkins.

At the library

at the library in the reading tub.

10 year old Margaret playing piano for 92 year old Margaret

Dog love while waiting in the van for Mary Emma at piano lesson.

Margaret is nearly halfway done with math for the year! Here she is working on line plots and frequency tables in comfy foot jammies.

Tutoring Gracie in math


Scouts, ice cream, shrinky dinks, leaves, and stuff

The girls are in their third week of writing class.

We have taken a lot of field trips!

Making ice cream
the toss

It was really good!

Helping at church

shrinky dinks

Yummo curry wurst & mashed potatoes with onions and vinegar.

Reunion with the folks from the street I grew up on.

Up on Memorial Bluff

Gigantic leaf pile

Took my scouts on a hike

Sand Point

Appropriate dress for the beach in October.


Wabasha County Museum, Wisconsin Road Trip, Vintage train.

Last Sunday I skipped church to see this train pass through our town. It comes though once a year. Usually there is a steam engine pulling it, but it is being repaired right now, so this year an Amtrak diesel locomotive with vintage paint lead the way.

                                                                       Then the family went on a road trip along with thousands of other folks. We avoided the well traveled river road and drove on the bluff tops instead. Our reward was no traffic and majestic views.

abandoned homestead

also abandoned...looked like someone lived here at one time.

Stopped at the Wabasha County Historical Museum in Reads Landing. This was a schoolhouse that was used until 1956.

Loved this bit, woolly mammoth tooth, mastodon tooth, fossils, agates....

The steps going downstairs are filled with signatures from students.

Margaret is getting a little chummy!

Lake Pepin from the bluff top.

Lake City from the bluff top

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