Wabasha County Museum, Wisconsin Road Trip, Vintage train.

Last Sunday I skipped church to see this train pass through our town. It comes though once a year. Usually there is a steam engine pulling it, but it is being repaired right now, so this year an Amtrak diesel locomotive with vintage paint lead the way.

                                                                       Then the family went on a road trip along with thousands of other folks. We avoided the well traveled river road and drove on the bluff tops instead. Our reward was no traffic and majestic views.

abandoned homestead

also abandoned...looked like someone lived here at one time.

Stopped at the Wabasha County Historical Museum in Reads Landing. This was a schoolhouse that was used until 1956.

Loved this bit, woolly mammoth tooth, mastodon tooth, fossils, agates....

The steps going downstairs are filled with signatures from students.

Margaret is getting a little chummy!

Lake Pepin from the bluff top.

Lake City from the bluff top

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