Our little town has a bowling alley!
With a Sunday special! This is the whole place...six lanes!
With a bar and food

No electronic scoreboard

but tons of fun....special shoes and all!!!

No matter what your style!

Stretching encouraged!

Triumph is expected

with a basket of fries

Gutters blocked if you need them!


Positive role models!

Just plain fun!

Cross Country Skiing

Absolutely GORGEOUS weather yesterday so we grabbed our ski gear and headed for the park. Hard to believe we were the only people there! The trails were perfectly groomed. Now if I could only keep up with my daughter!
Chapel in the woods

overlooking Lake Pepin




We took a break from school on Thursday to go swimming in Wabasha.
I had some time to play with my camera. Even though I have had it since November,
I'm still learning!

Using the telephoto lens, I was quite far away and they didn't realize I was taking photos.



I love my kitchen! Love to cook, play, and eat! Made this burger recently on an english muffin with loads of yummy fried onions.

Black bean chili made with leftover prime rib served with blue corn chips

Omelette with asparagus, thyme, and manchego
One of the zillion reasons why I lOVE Trader Joe's!

Bhel Puri with coriander chutney


February Moon

Full moon!
Rising over the Wisconsin bluffs

Over Lake Pepin

Chicken parm
gorgeous agate!


February Fossil hunting

Enough snow has melted so we can resume agate and fossil hunting. It was 42 degrees this day....we are on "The Point" Lake Pepin is so gorgeous this time of year!

frozen lake!

Mary Emma's finds!


Sunrise, moon, flan, and cake!

I finally made red velvet cake! I used the James Beard recipe with traditional cream cheese frosting. Beetroot can be used for the color opposed to food dye. My furry valentine

Chicken salad, organic greens, balsamic vinegar

Finally got a blender!!!!! No more making salad dressing and mayo with a wand! Waxing gibbous moon
creme caramel aka flan

very amazing and loved by all!!!!!

Young Margie and her new Plants vs Zombies game.

Beautiful sunrise over frozen Lake Pepin.

Girl Scouts

Nian Gao I made for Chinese New Year. Pre baked.
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