Agate Hunt

First agate hunt of the year.

We found a secluded, hard to reach area that we had not been to before.


Mary E found a nice 7 ounce waterwash

close up

DQ treat for the kids.


Bird Watching on Pepin

Northern Flicker

Stretching his wings


Common Loon


Buffle head 

American White Pelican

Red Breasted merganser 

Countless coots


Piano Recital

 This year the girls each played one of their own compositions along with their recital pieces as well as a duet. They both played beautifully and were heartily complimented after, especially for their compositions which can be heard here.  They were pleased to have their Aunt, Uncle, Granddad and cousins there. This wraps up the 7th year of piano for Mary E and the 6th for Maggie. They are planning on a few summer lessons, but are looking forward to composing more.


Making Maple Syrup

Tapping the trees

Love the "spigots" that my neighbor made!

After collecting sap for a few weeks, the boiling begins.

Boiled down to perfection, Margaret does the sieving. 

Which is very important to remove all of the sediment.

Bottles washed and ready

Liquid gold


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