Sand Point Hike

Sand Point is a gorgeous groomed state park hiking trail. Friday we finished
school by 2:00 so we took advantage of the glorious weather.

Part of the hiking trail is raised due to it being susceptible to flooding.

Out meandering on the frozen Lake Pepin.

It is so vast and peaceful out on the lake!

As usual, they are WAY ahead of me!


Tutoring and babysitting

For the past few months, one afternoon a week, the girls have
been tutoring a first grader who is also home-schooled. They love making
the lesson plans, gathering materials, and teaching her. Last Thursday, they
also had two other little girls that they babysit join us.

A bit of rat love
reading stories
educational computer/ipod games

They also made and decorated cupcakes.


Sunset and School lunch

A rare sunset on Tuesday. It has been overcast and gray for weeks
we were lucky to see a glimpse of the sun on Tuesday afternoon, and a bit
of color at sunset.

School lunch at our house. Baked coconut & mango encrusted tilapia, baked potato, and beans.

Winter Wonderland

While on our way home from skiing, Margaret spotted this eagle perched above the river walk on the banks of Lake Pepin. It was perfect! I was able to get underneath to get this photo along with a rare blue sky!!!
Overlooking a frozen Lake Pepin.

ski shots from our local park.

Eagle nest



We had so much fun in Wabasha last week, that we took Monday off school
to go again. Since there is open water just north of Reads Landing, eagles
are plentiful there.

A stop at the DQ
Love the Wabasha library...while not very large, it is divided into
two sections. This is the children's' section.

Papa called on Facetime while we were at the pool.

A visit from Sampson, who, by the way, is looking for a new
home. He also has seven pups available for re-homing....I LOVE him!
WISH WISH WISH we could have another dog, but we are so outnumbered already! Barley looked like a little pup next to him! He weighs 160 pounds!
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