Songs of Hope

Rabbits at Homeschool Co-op

Rabbit poop = chocolate covered raisins.

Grace, who has been raising four wild young rabbits, led co-op. 

Everyone got a chance to hold one before they were set free.

Time to let them go

They had been raising them for weeks, bottle feeding them in the beginning, so this was a tough moment.

Then a hearty game of chubby bunny

                                                    and bunny, bunny, grey bunny.


Wabasha County Historical Society Museum, Reads Landing, MN

Wabasha County Historical Society Museum
Reads Landing, MN

Restoration in progress!!!

The oldest surviving brick schoolhouse in Minnesota!

This was the schoolhouse from 1870-1958

Laura Ingalls Wilder

 In the stairway to the basement, one can see student's signatures from years gone by.

My ancestors, the Bundys, were pioneers of Wabasha County, homesteading in the 1860's

Of course she had to check out the pump organ!

Out in the shed

Zumbro Falls jail

View from the back of the school house.

The garden

Clearwing Hummingbird moth!

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