Minnesota Camping in March!

Loaded up and ready to go.

Frontenac State Park

Getting some wood.

Setting up. 

Lake Pepin

Playing, "Camp"

Dill pickle chips and Doritos on a smore. The girls said it was amazing. I took their word for it.

Site 20 is my favorite. Great views and close to the hiking trails.

Gorgeous sunset on March 16th! Brilliant red sun.

Yummo sammy in the pie iron

Barley loves to go in the tent, but wants out right away in the morning!


Great reading spot!



At the pier

At the pier

Eagles on the receding ice.

Four in a tree

Eight in a tree

Watch where you step under the trees!


Agate hunting


First boat I've seen this year. Scads of eagles on the ice behind it.
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