Ruth Moody at Oak Center General Store

The girls made popcorn and sold beverages

We got there early to get good seats and to help out.

She is amazing!

And on the way home.....THIS!!!!



Only 8 miles from my home is the hamlet of Maple Springs...a view to the north grants one a mighty vista which includes an S curve of the rails. A great spot for any rail fan to watch trains. Here is the Amtrak Empire Builder #8 West bound for Chicago.

And the annual fall color tour for Friends of 261


School, Scouts, and Stuff

 Gram brought pizzelle for the girls

And shared her lunch with Barley.

Spanish in a very messy schoolroom

Math for Margie

This cat LOVES math books!

Spanish in a messy schoolroom!

music theory

CLEAN schoolroom!

Little cemetery on the side of a county road

At the roller rink with other home educators.

Carbonated sugar free beverage from Saudi Arabia.

Flowers from my dad.

One of my favorite roads.

Learning about Lake Pepin Watershed at Girl Scouts Centennial Day of Service.

Centennial Day of Service

School on the patio

chicken, artichoke, swiss chard, caramelized  onion pizza with a parmesan garlic cream sauce.

Crab cakes with béarnaise.

Eggs benedict.

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