Christmas 2010

Christmas Eve Dinner...grilled salmon with bearnaise, three cheese spinach risotto, glazed carrots.

We had planned to go to Chicago for Christmas, but woke up on Christmas Eve
to seven inches of snow, so we decided to postpone and open gifts instead.

The girls got loads of art supplies

and the "big" gifts....a mini HP for Margaret and an ipod touch for Mary Emma.
Very happy girls!


A gang of wild turkeys.


Mikey's kitty

Mikey's other kitty

House made fries



Sledding at Frontenac

Frontenac State Park has an amazing sliding hill

It is all groomed.

Heck of a hike to the top!

Bathtub sled!

That is Brenda down there at the bottom

You can see the Mississippi from the top.

buried water bottle


with no zoom, you can see how big this hill is.

just about to wipe out.

wipe out!

heading out

The warming house has a wood stove.

It was hotter than heck in there!


Snow, Salad, rocks, and sun

Our house crowned in snow

seven more inches bringing the December snow total to far!

Spinach salad with grilled breast of chicken.

spinach scramble with hollandaise

Petrified wood we found over the summer.

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