Visiting Gram

Visiting Gram at Loving Residence

She is wheelchair bound now, but not immobile! We had to put her brakes on so she wouldn't wander off while we were visiting!

Her room



The girls and I went to "The Twilight Zone" performed at Hobgoblin music
by the Soapbox Players.
We got seats in the front row.

Which made it hard to get photos of the was a black and white television.

There were two episodes....this one is "The Living Doll." This is at the
very end of the skit when the doll comes alive....the girls LOVED this!

Hobgoblin Music is housed in an old three story barn. The lower level is a shop where harps and dulcimers are made...the second level is a gorgeous store where one can purchase instuments and music and the third level is where performances are held.


Home School visit to Pepin Heights

Just before we entered...going over basic rules and expectations.
In the massive delicious smelling cooler.

This is only one of three huge coolers.
Outside....these apples have just arrived from Nova Scotia.

The facilitator did an amazing job!
The "flume"

The first inspection and grading

This apple is as picked now sits in the break area as a mascot.
The second stage of inspection and grading. After this the apples
go through a computer that grades them according to the color spectrum.

Brenda, my cousin, hard at work!

agate hunting

Hiking to the beach/agate hunting

Home school group at the library "Road Trip" program


Blue Cowboy

Hok-Si-La Park

Walking on the trails of Hok-Si-La park
Margaret peeling away bark from a dead tree.

And discovering all sorts of decomposers....Millipedes

Making a see-saw out of driftwood

Agate hunting......again!

The flood left a bit of debris


Agate/Fossil hunting

With the flood waters receding, we have been finding all sorts of
agates, fossils, and petrified wood. This day we were at the swimming beach.
The water was all the way up to the tree in the foreground.

We forgot bread

A couple fossils

I love this rock!

"The Pearl of the Lake" local paddle ship that offers daily excursions.

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