Tipi Camping at Upper Sioux Agency State Park

Video here

On the way there

Inside the tipi

                                                       Inside the tipi

It was nice to have a few throw rugs to put down. The pallet was a hard plastic material.

the campsite

Yellow River

Ozan. This hooks up to the poles inside and protects from rain. We removed it when not needed, but did end up using it.

Blurry, but this is the inside with the ozan attached

Starry starry night!


Milky Way rising over the tipi

                                 Confluence of the Minnesota and Yellow Rivers.

State Park interpretive center

Stopped in Granite Falls for lunch. A beef commercial!!!!!

Granite Falls

Thrift store!

Storm damage from 7/16

Some campsites still closed.

Frog chasing

unneeded apostrophe 


This agency was destroyed in the 1862 conflict 

                                           Lori found dinner! Chicken of the woods!

                          A bit stormy the second night. No stars or Milky Way.

Camp cooking.

                                                  Veggies, hobo dinner, coffee.


                    Cleaning up before we left. The ozan is attached in this photo.

                                       What an AMAZING experience!!!!

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