Cupcakes, Turtles, Food, and Stuff

The girls made these for the first day of Sunday School

The best scooters ever. We have had a couple of these for years and the girls 
still use them.  

Getting ready to serve at church

handfuls of cicada exoskeletons

Homeschool group, ornithology 

Grilled burger, house made creamed corn and slaw.

Scallops in a bacon cream. Yes, bacon cream. Sinfully good. 

Frijoles taquitos. The girls could eat this every day. It's just fried tortilla with refried beans, but the salsa made in the molcajete is what makes it amazing.

                                                                  I made baba ganoush for the first time. It was SO GOOD! It was also so simple with my vitamix. I roasted the eggplant, then just tossed it in the vitamix with tahini, garlic, lemon juice, and a little salt, Poured a bit of olive oil and chili over it for serving.

New addition, Leo. 

The girls made a scavenger hunt for homeschool group

Mary E found this adorable baby snapping turtle at Hok-Si-La Park heading the wrong direction! 

       Letting him go

Hok-Si-La Park

Our classroom


Camping at Nerstrand-Big Woods State Park

Site #2

All set up

Our first of many hikes along 11 miles of beautifully groomed trails.

The top of Hidden Falls. Note the large cephalopod fossil.

Kabobs. Always our first evening meal as we cut everything at home, stick it in a ziplock with marindade, skewer and grill at the campsite. Amazing!

We brought some books.

The girls were thrilled that the interpretive center had wifi during open hours. 

Ran out of books so we went to the library in Fairbault. 

Bird kit!

Pear and aged cheddar in the pie iron. So good!

Coyotes and Barred Owls at night.


slap jack

We got the bacon from here. BEST.BACON.EVER.

More hiking

Love the park!

More hiking

cephalopod fossil

Sunset in the big woods

Top of the falls

We caught the tail end of the Ruby throated hummingbird migration.

We counted over 40 at once!

Now THIS is good! Chocolate, peanut butter, and marshmallow in crescent dough.

Fort in the woods

Cooking breakfast

Breakfast burrito.

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