Some school Stuff

The girls have been plugging away at math. Both are on lesson 84 in their respective Saxon books. Mary E  enjoys algebra much more than geometry.

We have been doing Sheppard Software about twice a week to supplement our geography. We are still working on the states of Mexico and African countries. Here Margaret reviews the U.S states, capitals, and bodies of water.

Margaret celebrated her eleventh birthday by making her own cake. She was hoping for some chocolate fondant, but sadly was forced to work with what we had.

Her gift.

After blowing out her candles, she went downhill skiing with some friends.

We have nearly completed the fourth book in this series about the lost colony of Roanoke. We also just finished up a study on George Washington Carver. This week we are learning about Henry Hudson and Samuel Champlain.

Margaret working on reducing fractions, stem and leaf plots, and mean, median, mode, and range.

When we are having school, the big bird is usually out of his cage causing trouble.

We splurged on Rosetta Stone during their Valentine sale. The girls chose Spanish so the can converse with all the hot guys. So far, they are loving it.

reading with Bean

Yummo Mole made by my amazing neighbors.

We try to go swimming at least once a month. 

A fellow church member passed away, so we volunteered to serve lunch after the funeral. The girls worked their tails off!

Lots of dishes to do!


Going to River Oaks to play piano.

The girls entertained some residents with other talented homeschooled children.


Mardi Gras Mystery Dinner

Each guest orders four items for each course. Everything is cleared after each course including utensils and beverages.

The servers

Getting ready for service

Interesting plate combinations

Creative ways to eat.


Chinese New Year Celebration

Annual Chinese New Year and Multicultural Celebration at Southeast Technical College in Red Wing.

Picking up M &M's with chopsticks

The girls had their names written in Chinese

Ink stick and stone

Red envelope ceremony

From youngest to oldest, all children greet the matriarch with , "Grandma, Happy New Year," in Mandarin, then receive the envelope with both hands.


This jazz band played a few Mardis Gras pieces.


TONS of food!!!

Ginseng tea

Carleton College Chinese Silk and Bamboo Music Ensemble

The yangqin

The erhu

The Pipa and Bamboo flute

Chinese American Association of Minnesota Dance Theater

Mongolian Horse dance

Cheerful girls dance

Learning some Tai Chi and Qigong
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