Winter Camping in a Yurt at Afton State Park

      Video of this camping trip here. Winter yurt camping

So much fun to camp here! There are two yurts that each sleep 7 people and are available year round. There is no electricity, no pets allowed, and no cooking indoors, a pit toilet just a short walk away. The park provides the wood for heating, but you must purchase firewood. You can reserve these Reserve here and they are $70 per night with a $7.00 reservation fee.

We clamped ours up a bit with battery operated lights and candles

You cannot drive to the yurt but the parking lot is not far, and there are wagons to use to haul your gear 

First look inside. It was COLD! 

How gorgeous is this!

First things first, getting the fire going. It took a couple hours to warm the yurt up. 

The heating wood is in a shed nearby

Getting ready to cook dinner

Comfy beds. The windows do open, and there are also curtains. 

cut and marinated at home

Dinner cooking under a nearly full moon

Dinner time! 

Check out time is 1:00 p.m. 


Amtrak Anniversary ride Empire Builder to Columbus Wisconsin

Video of the ride here 

Lots of folks joined us this year!

Donuts for the crew



Flooded Roschen Park

First rainbow of the year

Lots of sun halos this month!

Plant based stuffed mushrooms. Stuffed with sundried tomato with a citrus mustard.

Got the girl out to wave!

Plant based Thai mushroom larb 

Plant based waffle with fruit and veggies. so good!

Plant based potato salad

Lentil sloppy Joe with pickled onions

                                  Colourful sunrises!

An April snow shower


The snow storm blew in dust from the south making the snow brown and crunchy

PV Lambert's Point was sold and is on it's way to it's new home.

Plant based sushi

Purple & Sweet potato balls

First boat

Night train

Chasing trains in Winona

afternoon read in the hammock

My girl 

Rustic opened for one delicious day!

Plant based stir fry