March 2019

                                      Leftover rice makes a yummy spinach rice cake, crowned with an egg and                       shallot sauce.

Great music with Radoslave Lorkovic at Oak Center General Store

506 on the Empire Builder!

Three image panorama of morning on Lake Pepin

Roschen Park

Mom and Cindy had not seen each other in over 35 years!

A gram and her grandson

I was lucky enough to be present when the Empire Builder had to stop and flag a faulty intersection! The train had just hit a turkey. 

Another amazing Chef's Table at the Railhouse!


Great show with Dean McGraw at Oak Center General Store

A late train makes a good photo op as the sun drops behind the bluffs. 

House made black bean burger

Engineer Mary

                                    Conductor Shawn always wave at Lake City

On the bluff top, the fields are turned to lakes as the snow melts.

Gravel roads in the country.

This lone cottonwood in Northern Lake City is surrounded by the swelling Mississippi.

Buddha bowl with quinoa, lots of veggies, and a sauce made with kumquat and Meyer lemon. 

Dawn on Lake Pepin

City Hall in the morning light

Water is still rising. Roschen Park sunrise.

                                              The Empire Builder at Maple Springs, MN
                                                                  VIDEO HERE

Rising waters

My friend Charlie was on this train for his first ride!

Plant based Tofu Tacos!

Roschen Park Sunrise

Dutchman's Coulee

Bellechester, MN

Empire Builder in Dutchman's Coulee

Dutchman's Coulee reflection. 

brave fisherman this morning. Cold and Windy

Sunrise at flooded Roschen Park

Morning light downtown Lake City

Flooding at Slipperys in Wabasha

High water at Stahlei Park

Volunteers sandbagged the depot in Red Wing

Conductor Tom in Red Wing


February 2019

I don't bring my camera to work, but do keep my GoPro handy. I hate to miss a sunrise or sunset. This is sunset out the back door. 

                                                   And sunrise, just as I'm heading in.

BNSF leads the Empire Builder on February 2

Part of Winterfest, which I missed due to work. 


A bit of a hike at Hot-Si-La. 

  I spent a lot of time checking out books this month!

Maggie and Barley

Maggie and George

Up on County 9


Love catching the Amtrak  Empire Builder in snow

After one of the blizzards
This is my street

Bloody nose, Big Game, and Heritage. 

                                                                   Train video here


Visiting goats and puppies at Oak Center

MORE snow

Taken with the GoPro

Sun dried tomato stuffed good!

Lake City Federal Bank

Hi Shawn!

My street after yet another blizzard.

I've been playing with Okonomiyaki. Easy, healthy and so good!!!

This amazing neighbour has helped keep our walks clear. 

After another blizzard

A rare daylight sighting of Empire Builder #7 as it was delayed due to a freight derailment in Wisconsin. 

Downtown Lake City digging out

         With the blizzards comes the opportunity for some train in snow shots!

Back yard mountain

Mongolian Beef. 

                                                French Onion Soup

It was a dream to go see Elton John's farewell concert with my sister and my amazing son. Our seats were fantastic. Before we went, my daughter played a bit of Elton for me.

                                                                         Maggie playing some Elton John.