Zombies and Chocolate

Making Aztec hot cocoa


Jumping on the trampoline

zombie makeup

zombie attack

Little Marge

The boys

getting wild!


American White Pelican

Hanging out in the backyard one day last week and look what flew over us! Scores of American White Pelicans heading north during their spring migration. They are so majestic and gorgeous!

They are like acrobats in the sky!

or ballerinas as they swirl and dip


Here and there

Mary Emeline


Playing piano at Senior Dining

Sometimes my table looks like this!

Hope and Margie making lunch


Food glorious food!

Kabobs marinating
Easter grill! Chicken/beef kabobs, spinach salad with hot bacon balsamic reduction

Breakfast hot dish

breakfast burrito

caramelized onion, bacon, vintage cheddar muffins

Dal and bhel puri with nan

fajita chicken quesadillas with coriander chutney


School room

Messing with my new camera. I love it! It takes panorama shots!

Our school room is a bit messy, and overdue for a cleaning and painting.

Eww...that nasty rug is out of here too!

Fried Dumplings

These dumplings were easy, fun to make, delicious, but a bit time consuming!

The dough.....2 cups of flour, 1 cup boiling water...mix together in a food processor, cover and let rest for 30 minutes.
While the dough rests, make the filling...napa cabbage, salt, scallions, 1/2 pound ground pork, teriyaki or soy sauce, a bit of sugar, a a tablespoon of rice wine vinegar.

Roll out the wrappers and separate them with wax paper

Fill each wrapper with the filling

and pinch together...put in boiling water until they float (about 2 minutes) Then fry until brown in oil. Serve with a sauce made with equal parts soy and rice wine vinegar, a bit of sugar, scallions and grated ginger.


Piano Recital

It is so nice to see the girls dressed up a bit so we thought we would go out and get some photos. Sadly, it was FREEZING so we cut it short and only took a few.
The music!!

Waiting to play


All of the students

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