Camping at Forestville Mystery Cave State Park

We received a LOT of rain the second night. These dishpans were empty.

mud bath

Omelete in a bag

Boil for 10 minutes


Camping cinnamon rolls made with crescent dough and cinnamon maple sprinkle

Cleaning up

Mystery Cave

Entering Mystery Cave

We had a one hour tour which emcompased a fraction of this thirteen mile long cave, one of the longest in the nation.


We made glow-jars with glow in the dark paint, glow int he dark stars, and glow sticks.

Armpit fudge: 1/2 cup powdered sugar
 1 Tbsp butter
2 tsp cream cheese
2 tsp coca powder
dash of vanilla
 Sqeeze out airSeal in ziplcok bag and squish in warm armpit until blended. The girls loved it!


Forestville Mystery Cave State Park Camping

Big North American Millipede

The Root River

Campfire pizza

Park program


banana boat

Heading over the bridge to Historic Forestville

General Store

One of the interpreters

Lots of great hiking trails!

Campfire pork with a cranberry bbq

Mehndi (henna)

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