Winona Road Trip

Lunch at Little Thailand

Salad Roll with spicy peanut sauce

                                                         Sa koo sai moo

Tom kha gai

Pad rad na

Ka paw moo. SUPER SPICY! I was nearly crying at the table!

We visited the Basilica of Saint Stanislaus Kostka

and were lucky enough to go inside.

absolutely beautiful!

The infamous Bleodow's bakery

Train station

Loved this music store!

The Co-op

The fruit store

Where I found Johnny's!

On the way home.


Minnesota Zoo

We visited the Minnesota Zoo last week.
They do offer a special rate for home educators if you contact them at least two weeks in advance. 

First stop: Snow monkeys

Colobus monkey

We arrived in the tropics in time for the thunderstorm and hear the gibbon's morning song.

Rhinoceros Hornbill

Tapir and 6 month old baby girl.

Diving show

We had front row seats at the bird show.

Margaret did not fall in at Discovery Bay! But someone else did!

shark petting

My favorite! The leafy sea dragon.

Moray eel


Brown bear

Amur Leopard


Sea otter

On the bear scale at the new black bear exhibit on the Minnesota Trail.


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