Westport Wa

Drove with Uncle Paul to the girls and Russ climbed a tower to look at the sea.

I did not walk up...I was too busy taking was very cold, by the way....

Up the jetty to see the sea

crab pots

lots of these around!

the sky looked amazing!

Here is where we stopped for lunch

It was a bit pricey...I had calamari (again) but did not get a photo because I was too hungry....Paul and Russ opted for chowder, Mary E had a crabby patty, and Marge had jumbo prawns.

Uncle Paul on the phone with Tammy

They had a map where you could mark where you are from.

Long way from home!
heading to the treat store...the town, as you can see, is fairly deserted....lots of businesses closed for the season. I could imagine how packed it would be in summer....there were numerous RV parks close to the downtown area.

Salt water taffy! This lady was great!

Margaret took a while to choose, but eventually chose something for her friend...

crossing a silent street.

Christmas sleigh!

truck with crab pots heading out on the dock

the museum was closed

boats bringing in their catch to swarms of birds....mostly gulls, but saw a few pelicans also.

they were very aggressive....the men unloading literally pushing them away with their feet!

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