Pacific Ocean

Uncle Paul and the girls running with Bug up the slope that goes down to the sea....everyone was so excited, especially Russ, who has never seen an ocean!
There were sand dollars all over. We did not bring a bag for treasures, so we filled out pockets.

Margaret hunting for the good was very cold that day.


She found something!

so beautiful!

Kelp....Uncle Paul also called it a sea onion

This is how the sand dollars were...just lying there for the taking!

Uncle Paul

notice her hand filled with sand dollars

In the state of Washington, you can drive on the your own risk of course!

Aberdeen was the home of Kurt Cobain...this is where he and Krist Novoselic formed the band Nirvana. This sign was on one end of the town, on the other, the sign was idendical but for the words, "Come as you are" as a tribute to him....of course I did not get a photo of THAT sign!

At a rest stop on the way back to Tacoma

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