Johnny Appleseed Fest

Margaret and Mackenzie preparing for a radio interview.

On the radio.

The Eagle Center from Wabasha brought down an eagle.

My Girl Scouts were selling cider near the stage where my husband was doing sound all day, so we heard a lot of great music! This is Steve and Stacie-Jane from Red Wing.

The scouts took a break from cider selling to dance

Margaret and her daddy

Caleigh, Celtic folk...these guys were GREAT!

Pretty much cloudy all day with some snow flurries in the morning and just a whisper of sun in the afternoon.

Matt Schmit, Minnesota Senate hopeful, getting some cider.

AWESOME solo by Shawn!!!!!

Trying to stay warm!

Can you feel it?

Sixth Street Trio!

Ran out of cider at 4:40....just minutes before the end of the day!


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