Hermit crab, Girl Scout Cookies, Lake Pepin

Language arts

Negrita, the wee one we dog sit on occasion.

Hiking at Hok-Si-La

Lake Pepin 3/9

Mary Emeline

Margaret on the pier with an ice cream cone.

Cookie Booth number one

Reinventing our old scrabble tiles.

Some friends went to Florida and brought back a hermit crab for the young ladies.

Margaret saw a tyrannosaurus next to the full moon.


She survived the baby zombie bite. 

Algebra with a friend

Lupita is here before and after school every day.

Cookie booth number two

Birthday bike for Margaret..

Lake Pepin 3/11

Yummo lunch at Rabbit's Bakery. First time for me. 

Dinner on Friday. Tenderloin with a gorgonzola gravy and fresh asparagus.

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