Our week

Drawing in church...good thing we are not Puritans.

First day of piano. Year 6 for Mary Emma. Year 5 with Margaret.

Margaret working on math.

Agate/fossil hunting

The finds of the day....agate, petrified wood, brachiopod, gastropod

unidentified fossil...probably coral.

Mary Emma's stem and leaf plot & box and whisker plot.

identifying conifers

We helped set up for the annual library book sale.

relaxing at the library.

Russ made some wing dings

Grilled sammy with tomato, onion, swiss, avocado, and coriander chutney on marbled rye.

beef fajitas.

chicken and dumplings

Lo mein


Five Guys burgers and fries.

Oh my!!!! First time for us....

Margaret saving a fly.

New campstove....the "kitchen" is from a garage sale for 5 bucks!

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