Our week

Margaret's favorite pants ripped so she sewed them up herself.

Library run for the weekend

The girls had two ELP classes this week. Margaret found this Lake Superior agate during the creek adventure class yesterday.

Elp class....night hike. They hiked at Sand Point.

Spent Thursday at Hok-Si-La beach with the cousins.

The girls got another Mehndi from Judy.

Dad brought home some dry ice from work, so they cooled off, had some fun, and learned about sublimation.

Ben started behind the wheel classes for drivers ed.

Not a huge fan of tuna, but this salad is amazing! Even the kids loved it. The secret is a bit of sweet relish, parm, and curry....sounds weird, I know, but it is really good!

Our temps skyrocketed this week topped off with record breaking dew points. Condensation on the outside of the windows!

We went to this great concert...

Children from all over the world performing traditional songs from other countries. There was even a Maori song! It was very inspiring!!! These two children were from Turkey.

This girl from India

We kept the snails for a week, then brought them back home.

4.16 pounds of tuna!

We shared with everyone

Waxing moon

morning bike rides on beautiful Lake Pepin.

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