St Paul History Theater & Minnesota History Center

We had a fantastic field trip last week to St Paul with fellow homeschoolers. The girls had their first ride on a charter bus.

They dashed directly to the back.

You know you are on a bus with a bunch of homeschoolers when someone brings along a horse tooth.

St Paul

 First stop was the history theater where we saw the musical, "A Civil War Christmas." It was fantastic!
Some members of our home school group

balcony seats!
back to the bus.

Next stop, the history center.

First stop was the cafe a for a bit of lunch. I had this roasted veggie sammie with a goat cheese aioli.

Young Gracie.

A Huey!

Gotta say, I LOVED the new 1968 exhibit!

Soda Fountain

Always have to make some bullets!

In line for the WW2 plane simulator

After we survived the tornado simulation

Good thing we were in the basement!

Checking out the capitol

This exhibit is is a house, with stories of all the families that lived there during a span of over 100 years.

Grinding some sausage in the kitchen.

In the backyard dropping clothespins in a bucket.

The bed collapses when someone sits on it!

Going Greyhound

The girls did really well on this Minnesota quiz!!!!

Heading home


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