Amtrak Empire Builder trip Red Wing MN to Seattle

Boarding the Empire Builder in Red Wing under the full moon on 11/10/11

Beautiful night!!!!

When we boarded, our carriage was completely full, so we had to split up until we got to St Paul. Then, almost everyone left, and we got our choice of seats.

St Paul, Minnesota

Day 2    11/11/11

Beautiful sunrise in the observation car. We pretty much spent all day here.

Making some bracelets

Mary Emeline drew these.

Minot North Dakota. We were fortunate enough to be sitting by a mother and daughter from Minot and they narrated our window views as well as told us endless stories of the tragic flooding there. These are FEMA trailers below.

Damage everywhere

Unbelievable devastation


Not math

We pretty much had entertainment all day. This guitar was passed around and played by many. Even a couple sing-alongs!


more math

Havre Montana

The beginning of an amazing sunset

Getting a snack in the lower level of the observation car.

Sunset 11/11/11 somewhere in Montana

Day 3 11/12/11
Just exiting the Cascade Tunnel. The longest tunnel in the US.

The Cascade Tunnel goes under Steven's Pass, which was getting some snow, so the top is not visible.

Mary Emeline was glued to the window.

Railfan Window!

Almost there!

King Street Station, Seattle!

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