Memorial Day parade/cemetery walk

Margaret was so proud to carry the American flag
Only four girls from my troop of fourteen showed up....pretty disappointing. Next year, being in the parade with be a prerequisite to attending the annual sleepover.

After the parade we participated in the annual cemetery walk. This is my mom. My mom, my daughter, and me all portrayed out respective great grandmothers. It was quite an honor, and as you can see by this photo, my mom was so proud! This is the grave of my Great Great Grandmother, Emeline Bundy.

Margaret portrayed my grandmother, June Emeline Bundy. This is her second year doing this, and she does such a great job!

Our set-up included photos, my Great Grandma Lucy's wedding hat from 1901, Great Grandma Lucy's adoptive father's chair, Great Great Grandma Emeline's quilt, Grandma June's wedding ring and doll, and loads of photos.

Grandma Junes doll circa 1910 is in pristine condition. She took amazing care of her!

My mom loved this and she was amazing! She is like a walking history book!

The quilt made by my Great Great Grandmother Emeline in 1851 when she was 18 years old...right before she immigrated to Minnesota.

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