Circus World Museum Baraboo, Wisconsin

We stopped here on the way home from Chicago. This museum is owned by the Wisconsin Historical Society. In 1884 the Ringling Brothers began their first circus tour here, and it continued to be their wintering grounds until 1918. There are several buildings with exhibits, daily shows, and a large collection of circus wagons.

The Baraboo River

It was three bucks per person for a ride....we walked.

The show in the Hippodrome

This guy's family has been in the circus for nine generations. The show with the Pekingese was started by his mother 70 years ago.

Live music for the show.

They were all spinning!

I think they liked it.

Hanging from her neck up in the top of the Hippodrome.

You could take a photo with the snake for ten bucks, or pet it for a dollar.

This wooden rail car has stalls for 30 horses.

You could see the names of the horses in each stall.

A dress up area!

Tom Mix is an ancestor of ours!

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