Family, Fossil, and Fab Food!

Talented young Grace taught the girls how to make bracelets.

I had planned to take my girl scout troop camping last Tuesday for two nights but we postponed the trip after hearing the weather reports. This is the radar from Tuesday night around midnight. We ended up getting over two inches of rain!

Chicken fajitas

Margaret found her first cephalopod fossil!

Three nieces! Clara, Cecelia, and Victoria

Some agates Mary Emma found on top of newspaper with our photo in it.

Brother Bob, Cousin Wayne, and no police cars!

My mother and her beautiful sister

Two nieces Carleen and Camille

My brother, home for the first time since 2003. So amazing to all be together!

My mom, brother, and a whole bunch of grand kids. Carleen showed up just after Michael left and this photo was taken.

Barley and young Marge

Volunteering at the library store at the end of the summer reading program.

Archery at Frontenac State Park.


Took this around midnight. The light in the photo is from lightning

Grilled chicken breast with corn/black bean salad

Sparky enjoying some melon

Enchiladas with corn/black bean salsa and coriander chutney

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