Camping with the Girl Scouts

My co-leaders and I took our troop of Junior Girl Scouts camping last week, finally, after postponing twice due to weather. First they learned how to set up tents...we had three different kinds for them set up.

The path (cliff) down to the secret fort. Ever notice how every campsite has a secret fort?

the secret fort was pretty cool.

Scouts making lunch....we cooked every meal over the fire.

In lieu of the traditional sit-upons, my co-leader had this idea! Buckets that the girls decorated...they were great because they could store their belongings in it and not lose flashlights, bug spray, water bottles......

Hobo dinners

God's eye

The moon rise was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

morning view from our campsite

making breakfast

Omelettes in a bag.

They turned out great! Everyone got to make their own.

We did a service project for the park; raked the beach free of debris...the girls worked so hard! This photo was also on the front page of our local paper.

glow bracelets cut open.

Glorious sunrise!!!!!!!!

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