more sledding!

Margaret at Sunday School

We had SO MUCH FUN sledding on Saturday, we went again on
Sunday! Being Super Bowl Sunday, we were the only ones there!
Gracie and Margaret

Mary Emeline marveling in the beauty of the bluffs

Elise and Grace in the "bathtub" sled...which is not really meant
for sledding, it is meant for pulling stuff.

Elise, braving the jump in the "tub"



Elise and Margaret are actually going very fast
can tell by Elise's hat!

It is a heck of a climb up the bluff!

Ben catching air over the jump

Margaret on the super fast slide that rotates down the hill

Ben and Elise tried to see who get the closest to the road.
Ben's dad's car is down on the road. Gorgeous view of the
Mississsippi from the top of the bluff.

helping tired Margaret up the hill

Predicted to snow for the next two days.

Margaret and Margaret holding hands

Margaret, Margaret, and Grace

Giving Ben a push

Ben and Peg

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