Empire Builder Seattle, WA to Red Wing, MN

King Street Station has been recently renovated. It is beautiful! There is no lounge for sleeping car passengers, but for a small fee, you can check your bags so you can explore the city.

                                                       View from the second floor.


We were SO excited to see Gul! I had heard stories about him and his exceptional service.

While we have ridden in a roomette and family bedroom, this was our first time in a bedroom. Lots of room for us, room for a bag or two, and a private bathroom and sink. Very comfortable!

                                                   Plenty of comfy sleeping space

                                                   Gul was a WONDERFUL SCA! We were so spoiled!

Hand sink with yummy Amtrak almond soap

Puget Sound 

                                        Sleeper car hallway

Treats from our AMAZING SCA

Checkers with M&Ms


More treats!!

Pre dinner salads

meeting new people in the diner.

Beds prepared for the night


Morning view


                                                        Glacier National Park

Breakfast. So love that they have Tabasco!

Sleeper car hallway

Flowers in the sleeper car placed by a thoughtful attendant

The girls love to be able to write/draw on the table paper.

Essex, Montana


More treats!

                             Lunch: The girls both had the salad, one with chicken.

Darrell, the lounge car attendant, is the king of delicious Bloody Marys. Gul, our SCA. SUPER guys, and great service!

hair braiding

Reading material

The bedroom has a private bathroom, a toilet with shower room, a bit small but perfectly usable. The water gets nice and hot. 

Flowers in the lounge car

 The bedroom is large enough for a respectable blanket fort. A perfect spot to watch a movie.

                                                        Thank you, Gul!


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