Effigy Mounds National Monument Harpers Ferry Iowa

Heading up. It's about 4,000 feet to the top.
                                           Beautiful well maintained trails

With quite a few switchbacks

and some cute critters

looking down

Almost there!

The first mound we see is a linear mound

Next is one of the many effigy mounds. Little Bear. Hard to see from the photo, but one could clearly see the outline of a bear.

Another photo of Little Bear from the other side.

You can see the conical mounds to the right in the photo.

conical mounds

I found this so beautiful and serene. The conical mounds ran the length of these woods all the way to Fire Point overlook.

Turkey vulture

View to the south 

Pods from the Kentucky Coffee tree.

Kentucky coffee tree

In the visitor's center, watching a 15 minute movie about the mounds.

and visiting the museum. 

You can see where we walked in this ariel view. 

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