Minnesota State Public School Orphanage Museum

This is the only orphanage museum in the country. Between 1886 and 1945 it housed 10,685 dependent and  neglected children.

This is the main building of the once self sustaining entity.

Statue erected in 1993

Some of the buildings of the school are now used by the city and county.

Inside of the main building

"Clodhoppers" by Red Wing Shoe Company!

In the cafeteria of the main building

We were extremely fortunate to be addressed by Harvey Ronglien, a former state schooler, and the driving force behind this museums existence. It was very humbling to hear such a passionate eloquent  speaker.

Here he points out a photo of himself in 1938.

Pointing out the matron of his cottage.

The gym

The gym also has a running track.

Over 300 children died here. 198 of them were unclaimed by their families and are buried here.

"Lollypops to the little angels resting here."

It was very moving and emotional walking on the memorial boardwalk.

Many children were buried in graves marked only by their number. The crosses were added only recently.

There were 16 cottage to house the children. This is cottage 8, where Peter Razor lived.

Inside cottage 11

Each cottage housed 30 to 40 students 

Basement of cottage 11. This is where the students spent much of their time. 

Books by state schoolers. Harvey's book is on the right. I bought it and read it that same evening.

The school's hospital. 

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