???? Mystery Dinner ??????

Valentine theme for the mystery dinner this year.

Four course menu with 5 choices per course.

Kitchen staff doing the prep work. 

                                           The setup in the kitchen in numerical order with one minor misspelling, which, I might add, nobody seemed to  notice.

Number 18 was the yummy tunnel of love!

Ordering and hopeful for silverware


This plate has puppy love, a french kiss, girl's best friend, tug on my heartstrings, and love potion number 9.

                                                                       Filling orders

Trying to figure out what goes with what and how to eat it.

Eating ice cream with celery and scooping pasta with bread.

Lauren with no silverware.

Using a knife and celery to eat the pasta!

The food was GREAT!

What they really ordered!


Anonymous said...

Very Interesting!

How did you think of this? I assume your guests family members and friends.

You sure make life fun!

My Best,


Paula Cordova said...

That is so ridiculously cute! I love it!

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