Bridging and School

The girls and I set up the ballroom so we had a bit of time to play

How beautiful is this place!

My troop.

Last week we studied pointillism and it morphed into henna.

They just used paint, so it was fun and washed off easily.

 Marge's grammar and spelling

Mary E's vocabulary and grammar

Keeping track of books read.

We still bring out the cursive books once in a while.


CNN Student news is part of our every school day. 

Both girls have finished math. Margaret has moved on to the next level, Saxon 6/7, and Mary Emma will work on Saxon Algebra 1/2 over the summer in preperation for beginning algebra 1 this fall. We plan on continuing school over the summer half days allowing ample time for camping, vacation, and beach time!

And we all could use a bit of phy-ed!

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