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In science we have been studying rocks, minerals, and metals, which the girls LOVE. The weather has been unseasonably warm, so we have also been out rock hunting.  This hands on experiment with lovely chocolate was a blast! We boiled the chocolate "magma" until it reached hard ball stage.

and cooled it two ways. The differences are quite clear, mimicking the properties of intrusive and extrusive igneous rocks.

Previously this year we studied classifying plants and animals, so when the girls found this leaf footed true bug in the living room, they had to look it up to identify it's kingdom phylum, class, order, genus, family, and species.

We are still attending the weekly program at the library for home educated children. There are about sixteen kids that go each week. This past week there was a fourteen year old, much to the delight of Mary Emma. She is not the oldest!

They have been studying Egypt.

Both girls are over 1/2 finished with math for the year.
 We just finished learning about Winslow Homer, all courtesy of our favorite resource, the library system.

The girls have two jobs, and love earning their own money. One is providing before and after school care for our neighbor girl.

The other is tutoring this homeschooled second grader twice a week.

Their super artsy friend is really into making bracelets, and has taught the girls lots of different patterns.

Margaret finished this heart bracelet in just two hours. Check out her fingernails!

Mary E's math.

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