Schooling at Home

Sometimes we actually have school! Here is our schoolroom.                                        This is year eight in our homeschooling
The tapestry above was found at a garage sale for fifty cents. It is all hand woven and embroidered in Ecuador.

The Edvard Munch was also a garage sale special!

Both of the girls use Saxon Math. Since we school year round, they are both about 1/3 done with next years math. Margaret is in 5/6 and Mary Emeline is in 7/8 pre-algebra.
A bit of creativity!
Mary E found all of these fossils, agates, and petrified wood in a local park. Science!
When Obama came to MN, we couldn't get tickets, so we watched the live feed. We stay up to date on current events.
Just started this program this year, Saxon Grammar. So far (only on lesson 9) we love it!

Dry Ice experiments.

What my coffee table looks like.
We are also doing Spanish, ASL, piano, keyboarding, social studies, writing, geography, spelling, Minnesota history, US history, Story of the World,  reading comprehension, and tons of reading.  Time will be spent volunteering for ELP, library programs, scouts, church (Mary Emma may be teaching Sunday School this year!) historical Ssociety, and nursing home. We will be doing a bit of daycare, including an infant in February, and tutoring a seven year old in math and history. We signed up for the home school library program. Lots of skiing and swimming planned as well for phy-ed. Mary E also starts confirmation this year!

But next week, as PS begins here, we will be taking a week off, and heading to the campground....

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