Camping the week of Sept 13

The girls roasting dough over the campfire.
Lake Pepin
One of the baby mice Margaret found.

rock, fossil, agate pajamas

Playing in the park in PJ's


eggs and hot cocoa

watching a movie in the tent.

Star watch

Hobo dinner!

The fort....we have worked on this all summer. We went back
yesterday, and it was destroyed.


Had the place to ourselves...empty campground


Writing a story


Writing a story

One of the three pieces of petrified wood that Mary Emma found.

made these kabobs at home....placed them in a bag with marinade
and cooked them on the fire....YUMMO!

Barley is the best camping dog EVER!

View from inside the tent.

Bad storm on Wednesday night!
After being evacuated in the dark, we went back the next day to check out
the damages....lots of water...two broken poles.

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