Smithsonian Folklife Festival

On our way to D.C. Dunn Loring Metro Station
That was not our train!

On the Metro


Some Spanish soda and great music!

Artisans creating bead work

Most of the work they do is Mythical, stemming from ancient Mayan
beliefs. It was beautiful!

Agave....we learned how Tequila is made.

More bead work

making guitars

Stunning dancing

This was a ceremony honoring corn. It is performed once a year
and has Mayan roots. The men were two fathers and two sons
Absolutely amazing to watch. I put the photos up backwards!
First all four men climbed the pole and wrapped themselves
in rope.


Loved the Asian Grant Wood!

Indian Chef teaching how to make something yummy!

Curried lentils, spinach and corn and Basmati.....YUM!


And of course, a mango lassi!

Freer Art Gallery

My favorite!

I have a print of the Peacock Room in my schoolroom!


The ceiling in the Freer Art Gallery

American History Museum

Infamous Washington toga statue

One of my favorite places!

Rock and Roll!

Making Buddhist prayer flags

On the way home

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