Calvert Marine Museum, Solomons Island, Maryland

Drum point lighthouse which was originally located just two miles from where it was permanently relocated to the museum

rays and skates

Margaret and Cecil in the lighthouse

ringing the bell

on the first level of the lighthouse

I loved the staircases

Once a month, the family living in the lighthouse would receive a box of books, magazines and the like from the coast guard

the outhouse was just a box attached to the main originally had no bottom, so the contents would just drop into the sea

beautiful floors and furnishings in the living family lived here for 27 years!

the children, if school age, would get picked up in the morning by a boat and be taken to school

going into the lighthouse through the hatch

a replica of John Smith's 2007 a group of 12 men used this boat to take the same route John Smith did


I wish I could find a tooth like this one!!!!

mermaid pouches

Margaret holding a mermaid pouch

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